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After this, the balance of power between Argos and Sparta tipped in favor of the latter, the Spartan king Cleomenes defeated the Argives, and Sparta became the uncontested master of the Peloponnese.

It met at the Corinthian isthmus. Through a series of political maneuvers by Athens in the decades following the creation of the league, the coalition was transformed into an Athenian-dominated empire. A War Like No Other: However, the loss of so many Athenian ships and trained crews in Sicily changed the nature of the war.

Following the disastrous Spartan defeat by Thebes at the Battle of Leuktra in BC, Elis and the Arcadian states seized the opportunity to throw off the yoke of Spartan hegemony; the Arcadians formed themselves into their own league to preserve their independence.

A History of Warfare. Early history[ edit ] By the end of the 7th century BC Sparta had become the most powerful city-state in the Peloponnese and was the political and military hegemon over Argosthe next most powerful city-state.

Corinth then reached out to the Peloponnesian league which resulted in Thebes attacking Platea whom was an Athenian Ally. Print The Peloponnesian League, and this is to represent how far apart these two styles separate in a short Peloponnesian League — Wikipedia The Peloponnesian League was an alliance in the Peloponnesus from the 6th to the 4th centuries BC, dominated by Sparta.

The purpose of the league was to enhance economic ties and establish a navy to deter further Persian aggression. The alliance that was called "the Spartans and their allies" was one of them. Thucydides, an Athenian general and historian, documented the events of the conflict in his History of the Peloponnesian War.

The conflict is often viewed as an archetypal case of warfare between a commercial democracy and an agricultural aristocracy and of warfare between maritime and continental superpowers. Cornell University Press, ; ———. Peloponnesian League — Livius The origin of the Peloponnesian League is sought in the sixth century BCE, when in many places in the Greek world long-lasting military coalitions were concluded.

During the Persian Warthe Peloponnesian League was the model of the Hellenic League that fought against the invaders. After the battle of Leuctra, in which the Thebans defeated the Spartans, few Greeks were willing to fight for the survival of the Peloponnesian League.

During the siege Alcibiades was recalled to Athens to face charges of sacrilege but fled to Sparta rather than stand trial. The Spartan leader Pausanias was incapable of keeping the allies together, so that the Hellenic League fell apart in a restored Peloponnesian League and the Delian Leaguewhich was under Athenian leadership.

Peloponnesian League

Sparta continued to aggressively use a combination of foreign policy and military intervention to gain other allies. Peloponnesian League: Peloponnesian League, military coalition of Greek city-states led by Sparta, formed in the 6th century bc.

League policy, usually decisions on questions of war, peace, or alliance, was determined by federal congresses, summoned by the Spartans when they thought fit; each member state had one vote.

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The Peloponnesian War was a Greek conflict fought by the Peloponnesian League, led by Sparta, and the Athenian Empire. The war lasted 27 years, from to b.c.e., with a six-year truce in the middle, and ended with an Athenian surrender.

Analysis of the Peloponnesian War Essay In this essay, I am going to anaylise the Peloponnesian War. I will look at what appears to have caused the war, how it.

Essay on Peloponnesian War The History of the Peloponnesian War is a historical account of the Peloponnesian War, which was fought between the Peloponnesian League (led by Sparta) and the Delian League (led by Athens). It was written by Thucydides. Free Essay: Peloponnesian War Strategies "Just before the Peloponnesian War began, Pericles of Athens and King Archidamus of Sparta provided net.

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Peloponnesian league-short essay
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