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Positive Person is consistently positive towards you. They were also able to state what type of partner they wanted regarding attractiveness.

Interpersonal attraction variables essay

Some people are also attracted to other people through romantic ideals. For example, the people in the same work environment are likely to be friends with each other or at least acquaintances since the availability for attraction is extremely close by.

Once initial selection has taken place, there are several factors which may influence the future or development of the relationship. Pasasalamat sa magulang essay help.

Social interaction also provides reassurance in situations of fear and uncertainty as shown by Schachter and Karmarck et al A study by Byrne showed that people rated strangers with similar attitudes as more attractive ie intelligent, knowledgeable etc. The findings showed that the most attractive women got a second date.

Duck concluded that the type of similarity was more important than the amount. I was curious as to what attracted to me to certain men and not others. Romantic ideals are the qualities that one looks for in their partner.

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Interpersonal Attraction

The Social exchange theory is another theory into the formation of interpersonal relationships. There are various theories about the importance of physical attraction and the influence of factors such as culture and generation.

Initiation of unilateral disengagement action. Hence, attraction probability enhances when proximate others are comfortable to be around and are highly accessible. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction.

Initial reaction to the other party. Another aspect of attraction is that of similarity and complementarity.

Interpersonal Attraction Essay Sample

This style of love suggests that the best love grows out of an enduring friendship. An alternative explanation of interpersonal attraction is the halo effect this suggests that we believe physically attractive people are also psychologically attractive, e.

The importance of similarity in respect to long term relationships was studied by Kerchoff and Davis found that relationships tend to be stronger if there is a sharing of attitudes.

The more people one has to go through to reach an individual, the more doubtful interpersonal attraction will arise.

Interpersonal Attraction

A study carried out by Aronson and Linder led Aronson, in to state that there were four conditions of what he termed the reward-cost principle. We hire top-rated Ph. The effect is basically the way someone flatters people with appealing words.

Some psychologists speak in styles of love. These positive feelings are also associated with the praise or rewards given. This theory was supported by research conducted by Newcomb in and further research conducted by Hill, Rubin and Peplau For example, if someone has a romantic ideal of good looks and a sense of humor then they will try to look for these qualities in their partner.

We want these positive rewards to be reinforced hence the formation of a close relationship. Stagnant relationships that no longer involve the emotional intimacy or physical attraction that once characterized them are of this type.

Similar people "provide validation for our characteristics and beliefs" and will increase one's self-esteem Another criticism is that the methods used to measure attractiveness tend to be subjective.

This concluded that men wanted younger women and women wanted older men. This sense of connection will lead to a much stronger feeling which will make one want to learn more about this other person.

Since interpersonal attraction is seldom discussed, I found the need to explicate in depth what it implies. The concept of attraction foundations shows four different stages of attraction beginning with social and interpersonal communication skills forming a bond between two people.

Interpersonal attraction - Essay Example

The social environment promotes building of interpersonal relationships for both the professional and private environments. Running Head: Interpersonal Attraction Interpersonal Attraction INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION Introduction For many centuries until today, humans have remained curious in terms of knowing about the processes that result in attraction between two people, and therefore, one can come across a range of literature on different aspects.

Interpersonal attraction - Essay Example

Interpersonal Attraction Essay Interpersonal Attraction: A Study in the Mate Selection Process Interpersonal Attraction There are varying qualities that men and women look for while engaged in the mate selection process.

The study of interpersonal attraction in Social Psychology entails looking into the attitude, feelings & behaviors of a person can be influence. Interpersonal attraction can be defined as how and what attracts us to individuals.

As a college student, I am constantly judging people by the first moment I meet them because I am frequently searching for friends and relations in my life. Interpersonal Relationships Analysis This comprehensive analysis determines the concepts, components, and elements of interpersonal relationships.

The concept of attraction foundations shows four different stages of attraction beginning with social and interpersonal communication skills forming a bond between two people.

Interpersonal attraction essays
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