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To ask such questions is to answer them, and Wentworth looks at the only blot on the landscape, convictism, which restrains Australasians from bursting into song: Landscape artists, whether they liked it or not, have had to face Australia, examine it carefully, and create, or recreate, the land as art.

If we cannot define ourselves, culturally, our existence is of no more significance to the world than was that of the Marquesas islanders, lotus-eaters who have now become bastardised, christianised, and Europeanised almost out of existence.

English literature, for instance, developed through centuries of contact with Latin and Greek, and with directly contemporaneous imported French and Italian and other "foreign" literatures. A military alliance between the various component "nations" of the Empire may perhaps survive long after the other ties have, in fact, been weakened—though this would be contrary to the lessons of history.

The solutions to the object of research were presented in full and were sufficient The pretty legend that England is "home" to all Australians arises from a figure of speech, or a habit of speech rather than from any reality of thought.

They look for those features in Australian life which will support their preconceived notion. These child slaves were beaten and preached at and sent straight from work on shift to a bed still warm from the previous child-slave occupant.

Australia is home to him, the only motherland.

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The Ancient Greeks were few in number, not more all told than the number of people who nowadays live in North Sydney, but the Greeks evolved, from their environment and historical background, a culture which has remained for 2, years after they themselves became subjugated and dispersed.

We are much more likely to be moved and influenced by an American book, such as Anthony Adverse, with its great sweep of new historical colour, romance, and action, than by Huxley or Lawrence, with their codes of intrinsic English despair.

Nothing is permanent in a nation except its culture—its ideas of permanence, which are expressed in art, literature, religion, philosophy; ideas which transcend modernism and ephemerality, ideas which survive political, social, and economic changes. There is then a day probationary period, during which we assign more basic orders that we carefully review and evaluate.

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In both countries a continental wilderness, sparsely populated with Aborigines, has been subdued and colonised, within recent historical times, by invaders from overseas. Sport is open to people of any age or race. This would give a good impression to the boss and just base on the resume, the graduate may get the job.

Thy blue-eyed daughters, with the flaxen hair And taper ankle, do they bloom less fair Than those of Europe. The poet then proceeds to rhapsodise on the charms of Australasia, as he imagines them, from having read, one presumes, some accounts of Pacific voyages.

A writer or an artist needs the stimulus and the encouragement of his own people; without it he often becomes timorous or soured.

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The reason for this is our high attention to detail. This is only another example of differences in the point of view. The spacious harbour, with its hundred coves And fairy islets—seats of savage loves.

In the early morning, locusts turn side onto the sun to present a large surface area and thus absorb as much heat energy as possible. Archibald imported to Australia the first half-tone process engraving plant. I cannot accept the carefully-fostered legend that Australians are of the naturally uncouth, "rough Digger," "Dad-and-Dave" or "Bloke" type.

If it did, English history would be a monstrous tale. We imported also the imponderables, culture, by a system of one-way traffic. The changes occur slowly, in centuries rather than in decades.

A deeper question arises, perplexities confront me, when I attempt the next step in this logic. The blossoming of the waratah, the song of the lyrebird, typify the spirit of primitive loveliness in our continent; but the wail of the dingo, the gauntness of our tall trees by silent moonlight, can provide a shiver of terror to a newcomer.

The subject is one which should be discussed without heat, hate, or bitterness; but it may not be discussed without candour. At the age of seven he went to England for a few years, to school, and then returned to his native land.

Dorothy uses more personification than Woodley and Newton.

Culture of Australia

During the nineteenth century, while English culture was, like English industry, still expanding, we, also expanding as a people, could look more eagerly to England for cultural guidance that we can in this twentieth century. They came by intuition and of necessity close to the Spirit of the Place, whatever it is, as they submitted themselves, with easel, colour, and brushes, to necessary vigils on lonely hillsides, observing the unorthodox contours of the land, and the light quality of an atmosphere not previously painted or described in text-books.

If Australia is, indeed, not merely a convict colony, but a new Nation, a new fact in human experience, the average English reader will be called upon to make a mental effort to grasp that new fact, a mental effort which may be beyond him. Shelley and Byron went abroad naturally, as Norman Douglas and D.

There are so many Aussie companies, it is impossible to choose. You are not the only one — almost every student out there has the same problems. Lawrence, Adam Lindsay Gordon, and Professor Cowling, have been numerous and frequently very distinguished. Australian nationalism, with or without the idea of the British Empire, has a right to exist; and there can be no nation without a national place-idea; a national culture.

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Australian federation essay

Essay on Australian Identity. By saying this he is not saying I think I am Australia, he is saying I am Australia which also relates to him having a positive Australian Identity.

This text has shaped my understanding that of Identity by the various techniques and powerful and emotional words which he uses. Essay on Australian Identity. I am very Proud to be an Australian, we have a very strong sense of community and mateship.

When the chips are down, we will be there for each other. We are accepting of all cultures, regardless of whether they accept our values (that is a bit of a let down sometimes).

I am australian essay
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